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Gallery:  Raw-Edge Applique

STILL LIVELY, 2012, 44 X 30
Private Collection

The honey-colored velvet in the upper right-hand border is from a blazer I wore for years and couldn't bear to part with.  In fact, the center of the large flower in the detail above is a fluffed-up piece of interfacing from the same jacket.  Above that flower and to the right of it are folded and stitched hand-dyed dryer sheets.  Scattered throughout the bouquet are bright orange blossoms -- you can see one in the lower left of the detail.  These are crunched-up plastic vegetable bags that once held onions.  The vase is silk brocade, the background satin.  Midway up the right border is a strip of plaid velvet, a swatch given to me by my son, who was importing fabric at the time. 

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