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Gallery:  Transparencies

ORIGINS, 2012, 48 X 36

Origins took years to finish.  I would put it on the wall and then decide it needed "something."  I wish I had taken photos of its evolution.  It was first a pieced quilt, the sections seamed together on the machine.  But the separation between the roots and the leaf didn't seem clear enough, so I added a brown hand-embroidered line around the roots to emphasize them.  The roots were dark brown where they came off the leaf onto the light background; I found my gaze drawn there so steadily that soon it was the only section I could look at.  I "fused" a light gray plaid over this section of the roots -- used a net of glue that melted under my iron to bond the new fabric to the original.  But then it seemed so washed out and dull!  Not the look I wanted, so there was more fusing to do, a bright plaid that covered the sickly green under it.  By now I hated roots, leaves, quilts and myself.  But guess what - I found I could now look at it with pleasure.  It's one of my favorites.

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